Product Description

V-PRIMER is a one-component primer for bonding to precious metals (including Au/Ag/Pd alloys). It is based on the newly developed adhesive monomer called “VTD”*, a derivative of triazine dithiol. To improve the bond durability to precious alloy, simply coat the metal surface with V-PRIMER prior to applying Super-Bond or any other adhesive resin cement. V-PRIMER eliminates the need for other bond-enhancing steps, such as heat treatment or tin plating.

* 6-(4-vinyl benzyl-n-propyl)amino-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-dithiol

V-Primer White


  • Primer bottle – 3 ml


  • Simple treatment
  • No more tin plating or heat treatment
  • Can be used intraorally

Key Specifications

Safety Precautions:

  • V-PRIMER contains acetone as a solvent. Therefore, it should not be used by clinicians or on patients who are acetone-sensitive. Acetone is highly volatile. Use only in well ventilated area, and avoid inhaling the vapor. When applied intraorally, care should be taken to prevent inhalation of excessive vapor by the patient. (If a patient inhaled the vapor, move the patient to fresh air.)
  • Avoid contact with soft tissue or eye. A rubber dam is recommended for intraoral use. Contaminated skin or mucosa should be rinsed with water thoroughly. If V-PRIMER enters the eye, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. The patient should then be examined by an ophthalmologist.
  • Use V-PRIMER only for the applications recommended in this leaflet.

Storage Precautions:

  • Store V-PRIMER in a cool, dark place. Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Recap immediately after each use to prevent evaporation of the highly volatile liquid.
  • V-PRIMER is flammable. Do not store where it may be exposed to open flame


V-PRIMER solution contains 6-(4-vinyl benzyl-n-propyl)amino-1, 3, 5-triazine-2, 4-dithiol. (The tautomer of dithiol and dithione.) The monomer’s mercapto group reacts with the precious metal alloy and its vinyl group reacts with Super-Bond C&B to create strong, durable bonds.

Take care not to get any V-PRIMER onto the porcelain surface, as it may decrease the bond strength.

Clinical Applications

Dr. Mitsuo Nakamura

Nakamura Dental Clinic Chiba, Japan


Bonding precious metals to teeth with adhesive resin was believed to be impossible and complicated tinplating was inevitable 20 years ago.
V-PRIMER, one-bottle type primer, is an acetone solution with adhesive monomer called VTD that contains sulfur. It is so simple and effective. It was introduced into the dental market in 1994 and was the first metal primer in the world that could be used intraorally.

Adhesive Bridge Using V-PRIMER and Super-Bond C&B

Caries was found on the occlusal surface of the lower left 2nd molar and the proximal surface of the left 2nd bicuspid

The fabricated Au-Ag-Pd adhesive bridge.

V-PRIMER was applied to the sandblasted surface to be bonded.

The adhesive bridge was bonded with Super-Bond C&B. The suitable Super-Bond Powder for this case was Opaque Ivory.

13 years later. The case demonstrates the long-term durability of V-PRIMER and Super-Bond C&B.