Product Description

Super-Bond Universal Ceramic Primer is a priming agent for ceramic surface including zirconia. Application of the product on a ceramic/ zirconia surface before bonding with a dental adhesive resin cement such as Super-Bond C&B and SEcure will improve the bond strength and durability.

Universal Ceramic Primer


  • 1 x 5ml Liquid A
  • 1 x 5ml Liquid B
  • 30pcs x Plastic Dispensing Dish
  • 1 x Box Sponge

Key Specifications

    • Safety
      Please keep the following precautions for safe use.
    • Past History of Sensitivity
      Super-Bond Universal Ceramic Primer should not be used by clinicians / technicians or on patients who are methacrylic monomer-sensitive.
    • Symptomatic Irritation
      Cease using Super-Bond Universal Ceramic Primer immediately, if signs of irritation such as rashes appear, and see a doctor.
    • Avoid Contact
      Avoid contact with soft tissue, skin or eyes. A rubber dam is recommended for intraoral use. Contaminated skin or mucosa should be wiped off immediately with alcohol and then thoroughly rinsed with running water. If Super-Bond Universal Ceramic Primer enters the eye, immediately rinse thoroughly with running water. The patient should be examined by an ophthalmologist. Be sure to wear dental gloves.
      Give care to flammability Liquid A and Liquid B are flammable. Do not store where they may be exposed to open flame.C&B.
    • Storage conditions
      Store the Liquid A and Liquid B in a cool, dark location. High temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight will shorten their shelf-life.
    • Volatility
      Liquid A and Liquid B are highly volatile. Recap the bottles immediately.
    • Contamination
      Do not mix the bottle caps. Plastic Dispensing Dish is disposable. Do not reuse, and avoid using with other materials.


Bond Strength with Zirconia


Bond Strength with Porcelain


Clinical Applications


A zirconia bridge.


Dispense Liquid A and Liquid B, mix and apply to the inner surface of the zirconia bridge.

Use a resin cement such as Super-Bond to bond the bridge.

After seating.