Product Description

Metafil CX is a visible light cure, tooth shade composite resin using an organic filler which is reactive with the polymer matrix. Metafil CX is an anterior composite.

Metafil CX is a visible light cure, tooth shade composite resin using a unique organic filler which is reactive with the polymer matrix. This feature gives the finished restoration greater resilience and wear resistance. Because of good flow characteristics and minimal stickiness, Metafil CX is easy to place even in the most difficult situations. Shades are precisely matched to the Vita* shade guide making color selection both easy and reliable. With standard polishing procedures, Metafil CX gives outstanding life-like cosmetic results. The inorganic filler loading is 27.0 vol% with a particle size range of 0.02 to 0.04 μm. Metafil CX contains UDMA and TEGDMA.

Metafil CX White


  • Excellent resilience and wear resistance
  • Good flow characteristics and minimal stickiness-Easy to place even in the most difficult situations
  • Life-like shades (precisely matched to the Vita shade guide)
  • Outstanding polishability

Key Specifications


  • Compressive Strength : 420 MPa
  • Federal Modulus          : 3.5 GPa
  • Refractive Index           : 1.48


  • Metafil CX should not be used either by clinicians or on patients who are methacrylate monomer-sensitive.
  • Avoid contact of Metafil CX with soft tissues, skin or eyes.
  • Dentist should wear rubber or PVC dental gloves.


  • Avoid high temperatures above 30˚C and direct sunlight.
  • Refrigeration is not necessary. However, if stored in a refrigerator, then allow the material to warm to room temperature prior to use.


  • 1 x 3.5gm (2.5ml) syringe

Mechanical Properties

  • Composites are subjected both generalized and localized wear.
  • Generalized wear is caused by abrasion from food. When food crosses the composite surface, matrix material is gradually worn away, exposing the remaining filler particles. Loss of filler accelerates further wear of the remaining matrix material.
  • The rough surface of conventional posterior composites demonstrates higher generalized wear than microfilled composites. Metafil CX is a novel microfill that is resistant to wear due to its smooth surface and unique reactive TMPT filler which chemically bonds to the matrix.
  • Localized wear is caused by repeated cuspal contacts. The masticating force is transferred through the filler particles to matrix. The particles act like small wedges generating microcracks and subsequent material loss on the contact area. The Metafil CX’s TMPT filler provides good resistance to localized wear due to its bond to matrix and its resilience that relieves the stress transfer to the matrix.
  • Antagonistic enamel wear is caused by direct contact of hard filler particles to tooth enamel. Metafil CX is gentle to the opposing dentition, because the filler particles are softer than enamel.

Clinical Applications

Metafil CX is indicated for use in Class III, Class V and selected Class IV restorations where esthetics are of prime concern. With the exception of not being radiopaque, the low-wear-rate makes Metafil CX suitable for selected Class I and Class II restorations.