Product Description

Metafil Flo is a highly-flowable, visible-light-cure, tooth-shade composite resin based on unique monomer combination and containing inorganic fillers and an organic filler which is reactive with the matrix. This feature enables direct injection into the cavity without instrumentation, and gives the finished restoration radio-opacity and wear-resistance.

Metafil Flo White


  • Highly adaptable resin composite
  • Contains organic fillers and unique organic filler which is very reactive with the matrix resin
  • This assures superior handling and highly wear resistant restoration
  • Metafil Flo is a radio-opaque,with low shrinkage and deep depth of cure
  • It is suitable to use for base build up material as well.

Key Specifications


  • Compressive Strength : 440 MPa
  • Flexural modulus         : 3.5 Gpa


  • Metafil Flo should NOT be used either by clinicians or on patients who are methacrylate-monomer sensitive.
  •  Avoid contact of Metafil Flo with soft tissues, skin or eyes. Contaminated skin or mucosa with Metafil Flo should be wiped off immediately with alcohol and then rinsed thoroughly with running water. If Metafil Flo enters an eye, rinse the eye with running water immediately. The patients should then be examined by an ophthalmologist.
  • Dentist should wear rubber or PVC dental gloves.
  • Use Metafil Flo only for the applications recommended in this leaflet.


  • Storage Avoid high temperatures above 30˚C and direct sunlight.
  • Refrigeration is not necessary.
  • However, if stored in a refrigerator, then allow the material to warm to room temperature prior to use.


  • 1 x 2.6gm (1.5ml) Syringe
  • 10 x needle tips


Metafil Flo consists of a proprietary non-Bis-GMA matrix resin, organic fillers and radiopaque Barium glass. “RDMA” in Metafil Flo is tough and hates water. A polymer of the organic filler “TMPT” provides double bonds on the particle surface that reacts with the matrix and creates a unified structure.

Clinical Applications

  • Small or complex cavities
  • Base/liner under composite restorations
  • Repair of small defects in ceramic/resin restorations