Product Description

SUN MEDICAL GEL DESENSITIZER is a gel-type single syringe desensitizer that has high effectiveness and easier handling.

  • It reacts chemically with tooth structure and forms a precipitate that blocks dental tubules, to prevent thermal, mechanical and chemical stimulation of odontoblastic processes.
  • Application of gel desensitizer is indicated for topical treatment of dental hypersensitivity due to patent dentinal tubules, and will immediately reduce it.
  • Eliminates pain related to bleaching applied to enamel before or after bleaching.
  • It can also be used as fluoride varnish.
Gel Densitizer


  • Increases acid resistance.
  • Decreases hypersensitivity at tooth whitening.
  • Excellent performance on desensitization.
  • The gel remains longer on teeth so dentin tubules can be sealed tighter than other MS coat series.

Key Specifications


  •  Acid P Sulfonic Styrene, MMA ,Oxalic Acid ,Sodium Fluoride (900 ppm) , Potassium salt.


  • 1 x 3ml Syringe.
  • Plastic needle tips. (To treat around 100 teeth).